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shit, i think i forgot to tell you guys that i went to skinny dip with other 6 or 7 people in atlantic¬†ocean when we were on training trip in boca raton. that night was very breath-taking, i’m not kidding. i felt just free in the ocean. there was a full moon above us and we were swimming naked in the ocean. it was literally a perfect night. for your information, we were very drunk, especially me.

after swimming, we got out of the water and there were no clothes on the beach. luckily, some girls had bikinis in the water while skinny dipping, but not so much for guys. we were literally stranded and naked on the beach for like 30 minutes till two girls got us clothes back. i don’t know why i’m still laughing at this thought. it was the funniest thing that has happened to me on training trip.¬†

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